WhittierArtists.com Welcomes JoAnna Abrahamian!

WhittierArtists.com Proudly Welcomes JoAnna Abrahamian!
JoAnna and PunkinJoanna is an accomplished artist working in colored pencil, graphite and watercolor. She specializes in botanical illustration and will soon be featuring animal portraits. JoAnna was born and raised in Whittier and worked for many years in the conservation and restoration of textiles. She has been concentrating on her artwork for the last 14 years, starting with watercolor and then moving to colored pencil and graphite. For More Information, visit JoAnna Abrahamian’s site in WhittierArtists.com

Mr. Snickers, Animal Portrait, Graphite Pumpkins, Watercolor Amaryllis Lifecycle, Botanical Illustration, Colored Pencil

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New Work by Marty Wilson on WhittierArtists.com!

Please check out two new watercolor pieces by Marty Wilson!
In the artist’s own words:
‘The steep mountains dropping dramatically into the sea along the Big Sur coastline are dramatic sights. There is a nice juxtapostion of the wild ruggedness of the terrain with man’s attempt to find refuge and tame a small part of it. The circling hawks keep watch. ‘
Big Sur Lunch at Napenthe

For More Information, visit Marty Wilson’s Page in WhittierArtists.com

The Phantom City Mural by Dennis McGonagle & Friends

Dennis McGonagle and his partner, Tyler Kinnaman, have completed a mural, a 300 square foot scene of Broadway Lights on the stage of the Fairgrove Academy Auditorium in La Puente, California. The mural was commissioned by the school’s principal, Penny Fraumeini, who wanted a backdrop for the school’s upcoming play, Broadway Lights.

Phantom City Mural

More pictures of the Phantom City Mural!

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