WhittierArtists.com Divergent Perspectives Show – Announcing Live Entertainment!

WhittierArtists.com is very proud to annouce the addition of live entertainment to the reception festivities on October 9th 6-10pm.
Pomona Space Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony, 300 South Thomas Street, Pomona, CA
Need Directions or More Info? Click Here!

Holly & Friends
Painter, Singer and Songwriter
Holly’s Music: http://www.myspace.com/hollyoverin
Holly’s Artwork: http://www.whittierartists.com/hollyoverin

Holly Overin grew up surrounded by a culture of art and music. Her mother, a plein air painter, vowed to give her children “many strings to their bow”, as she put it. In school, Holly studied painting, film animation and sculpture. She now conducts private lessons, teaching the fundamentals of drawing and painting, a classical method her mother handed down. Ever since she was able to remember, she enjoyed making up songs first with piano and later with guitar when her sister taught her some basic chords. Singing and songwriting she did for fun. It was one part soul search and one part entertainment. Ten years ago, Holly realized the importance of this activity in her life and took up music with a new enthusiasm inspired by listening and meeting local musicians. Appropriately named ‘Greenleaf ’, this band of young but classically trained musicians showed her the way to turn over a ‘new leaf’. Holly began performing at open mics and coffee houses, entering a new phase of sharing her songs.

“I love the way these songs come in when I sit down with my guitar to practice coordinating fingers with strings. I hear the sounds and my life moves into equilibrium. A peaceful space of joy and wonder opens up for me and I hope for my friends and listeners who hear these melodies and messages I attempt to communicate, weave together and release in ever changing arrangements.”

Her plans for the future are to continue playing and performing when opportunities arise. The endeavor is a love which heals her and makes her glad she is alive.


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