Calling all artists…Let’s paint a mural!

You are invited to help paint an exciting Phantom City mural on the stage of Fairgrove Academy. I will be there on each of the next two Saturdays from 8 to 2. come for an hour, or paint the whole time. Be part of the energy!

Start Time: Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 8:00am
End Time: Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 2:10pm
Location: Fairgrove Academy 15540 Fairgrove Avenue La Puente, CA 91744-1620 (626) 933-8500

Dennis McGonagle and his partner, Tyler Kinnaman, have begun work on their latest mural, a 300 square foot scene of Broadway Lights on the stage of the Fairgrove Academy Auditorium in La Puente, California. The mural was commissioned by the school’s principal, Penny Fraumeini, who wanted a backdrop for the school’s upcoming play, Broadway Lights. Unlike most stage backdrops, this mural will become a permanent fixture in the school.
Mcgonagle is running with the idea of Broadway lights. “I think of the historic nickname of the Broadway theatre district, which is “The great white way”, said McGonagle.
“My mural will have strong dark light contrast. The brightest lights will emerge from the darkness of the midnight sky. I will also contrast warm and cool, and very close and very far. I want this wall to be exciting and inspirational for the students and teachers of Fairgrove.” McGonagle is drawing further inspiration from The Phantom City parable in the Lotus Sutra. In the parable, a fabulous city is created by the leader of a caravan who is guiding exhausted travelers on a journey across time and space. When the travelers have been rested and refreshed, the leader waves his hand and the city disappears.
The Fairgrove mural will be painted on Saturdays in February and its scheduled completion date will be February 27th. The pair of mural painters plans on inviting a team of artists to assist and collaborate with them beginning in mid-February. “Once the lines are blocked in, we’re bringing in an all-star team of painters to help us”, Mcgonagle declared. “The eneregy level of this mural will be off the charts”.


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