Don’t Miss: Platupus Gallery, Medusa Bloom, Opening Reception Oct 17th, 2009

Medusa Bloom, an Environmental Art Project in Plastic Bags

Opening Reception: Oct. 17th, 2009 at 3pm

Artist Bio
I’m a compulsive-obsessive artist. I dabble in bronze work, blown glass, oil painting, pencil work, clay, and jewelry. I drown in fiber, graphic design, acrylic paints, flour and frosting.
I’m a girly feminist with…
…an affinity towards dangerous female deities.

…a curiosity for the unknown.

…a facination towards bugs with communistic social systems.

…and a propensity for migraines.
I have a passion for always learning something new. I love to create paintings of giant anthropomorphic ants with colors straight from the tube. I craft kaliedoscopes with hand blown ampules. I knit artsy shawls and scarves out of unusual fibers.
Plus a regular spattering or smack, if you will, of what ever obsession I must get out of my system at any given time.
My current projects include stained glass jewelry, repurposed messenger bags, an exploration of the renaissance snood, virtual cakes, and my big long term project: the Medusa Bloom Project, a socio-environmental study expressed through sculptures of Jellyfish.
My art has been shown in galleries throughout Southern California.

Show flyer


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