Lost Congregation and others by Liz Dorn

Local artist, Liz Dorn enjoys painting old houses and buildings with the look of a bygone era.
In the artists own words:
“Show me an old building with peeling paint, lots of texture, brick and stone walls that are falling down, and this is visual poetry to me. I also enjoy painting doorways, arches, and arcades. I completed a Brooklyn Doorway series of five water color paintings. I have used the urban decay theme in some of my paintings and would like to do many more. Realistically, this is what is happening to our large inner cities. What was once grand and beautiful has been neglected and no-one has the means for restoration. The recession has taken away the funds for historic preservation and unless neighborhood grass roots organizations recruit volunteers, a lot of these old structures will be gone forever.”

For More Information, visit this featured artist in WhittierArtists.com


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